Tum Tum Tots review

We recently got sent a dinner set for Lorcán from tum tum tots. It’s has a grey cloud shape plate, a green moon/sun shape bowl and a raindrop blue cup. The colours are so eye catching for kids and it also allows you to display the food in a fun way for your kids to... Continue Reading →

Bloomsburymill review

We were lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous bedding from @bloomsburymill. We got gifted two different prints the ‘safari adventure’ and ‘woodland animals’ both prints are amazing. I don’t know if you find it as bad as I do but the choice for boys is always a lot worse than girls and I hate... Continue Reading →

Our adventure at Roarr

On the 16th of September me and Derrick took Lorcán to roarr dinosaur adventure park. I actually think I enjoy it as much as Lorcán. It took us about 40 minutes to get there from where we live, which isn’t to far but was so worth the drive. From the moment we arrived we was... Continue Reading →

Getting creative

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I have had the time to sit down and write another blog. I don’t know if you feel the same but I feel like this year is flying by and even more so the last month. Well since my last up date post back in August we have... Continue Reading →

Product review – Egg pram

I found it so difficult to decide what pram I wanted when I was pregnant, months of looking online and I still wasn’t any closer to deciding. I had enough of just scrolling through pages and pages of prams online, I figured the only way I would really know if it was the right pram... Continue Reading →

Body image

Lorcán is nearly 21 months old and when I first had him I was so eager to lose my pregnancy weight. But why? Why as women do we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way? While I was pregnant I gained so much weight and to most people they would probably... Continue Reading →

July – August

We have been so busy lately that I have found it difficult to find the time to sit down and do our monthly update of what we have been up to lately. So I previously mentioned that I love doing messy play with Lorcán and watching him become creative and just have fun, but I... Continue Reading →

Lorcáns eczema journey

Since Lorcán was about 3 months old I have struggled with his skin, he had really bad eczema to the point he used to cry where it would just blister and puss. As a Mum I just felt useless, it didn’t matter how many times I went to the doctors and how many different steroid... Continue Reading →

Product reviews

Tommee Tippee So one product that I have had from day one is the tommee tippee prep machine and I love it i have used it from the moment he was born and I’m still using it now, 19 months later, and it’s still working perfectly. It is so worth the while, especially for them... Continue Reading →

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